Padded Protective Soft Bags are covers designed for high mobility and maximum protection of Humpter® products. They are perfectly matched to parts and accessories, making them a perfect protection during transport. Each cover consists of a double layer of material, the middle is filled with a special sponge, which further strengthens the whole structure. Thanks to our covers, the transport of tables and accessories is safe and more comfortable than ever before.


  • Fabric: Cordura (double layer)
  • Special foam between layers of fabric
  • Durable zipper
  • Pocket for screws
  • Pocket for Laptop Stand
  • Durable handls
  • Rubber feet for stability

Padded Protective Soft Bags PRO includes:

  • Soft bags for sides of console with pockets for screws and Laptop Stand
  • Soft bags for cross beams
  • Soft bags for tabe top and front plate



A full set of padded bags for Console PRO

Padded bag for side of Console PRO

Padded bag for table-top and front plate

Padded Bag for beams