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We manufacture top-quality DJ tables and accessories that prioritize comfort and creativity. Our mission is to provide the most functional and durable products, revolutionising the DJ experience.

All of our products are manufactured in Poland, where we combine digital precision with hand finishing and the passion of our team. We’re proud to have received numerous nominations and accolades, including “Product of the Year” in the prestigious British DJ magazine “Pro Mobile” in 2019.

At Humpter, we strive to push the boundaries and meet our customers’ needs. We listen to their feedback and ideas to create innovative solutions. Our product range caters to all experience levels, from beginner DJs to professionals.

When you choose Humpter, you can be assured of the highest quality and functionality. This allows you to focus on what matters – creating and mixing music that inspires you and your audience.


The MOVE BL is a DJ table based on our first product, which also gave Humpter® its name. The iconic arched shape resembles a camel’s back – remixed and refined by years of experience and serving as the foundation for the entire MOVE series.

The aluminium frame of the MOVE BL maintains stability and reduces the overall weight for convenient transportation.

The plywood tabletop has a unique, scratch-resistant coating with one opening for easy cable management.

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Being convinced of the beauty of natural wood, we took this material into our workshop when designing new products. From the beginning of designing, we had one goal in mind. Real hand-finished wood will be combined with classic black matte metal fittings.

Thanks to this, the Humpter MOVE WD will fit almost anywhere as a mobile DJ table, adding atmosphere and charm to any venue.

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Looking for the perfect mobile DJ table? Look no further than our best-selling model. Designed with your convenience and functionality in mind, it’s no surprise that it’s the most frequently chosen DJ table in our range. With this table, you can quickly expand your DJ setup, making it a versatile choice for any event, studio, or home.

Crafted with the highest quality materials, this DJ table is built to last for years without any issues. Its optimal size and weight make it easy to transport, so you can take it wherever your gigs take you. Plus, thoughtful accessories make it easy to use various additional devices, giving you the flexibility in mixing music.

With this DJ table, you’ll find all the essential features to rock any party or event. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, it’s the perfect choice for any mobile DJ. So why wait?

Upgrade your setup today and take your performances to the next level!

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Console PRO MK2

A mobile DJ table that leaves behind everything known so far? Definitely yes! The PRO series is a well-thought-out system that allows you to perfectly organize a space for mixing or creating LIVE music.

We thought for a long time about how to describe Console PRO mk2 in one sentence. Simplicity, minimalism and reliability, for sure but on the other hand, modular accessories and endless expansion possibilities.

It seems like an almost perfect product!

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We know, that the modern DJ, musician or perfomer needs a lot of space for his tools. PRO60 it’s set of sides modules dedicated to Console PRO.

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