We built a mobile stand for Technics.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Because this is the first post describing our adventures with custom projects, before I tell you a story with Mobile Technics Stand, I feel I owe you a few words of introduction. I promise to close them in a nutshell.

Humpter Customs was born for several reasons. I am aware that I probably do not know everyone myself. For some time now, our team has heard more and more voices and suggestions that such an initiative makes sense, that if we can make such refined, serial products, we will handle individual projects precisely the same way. We regularly received inquiries from customers about creating something custom. Even though it was challenging for us to say no, something was still blocking us from doing so. This topic returned periodically, and after a while, it would fall back into the freezer with the inscription “Best ideas for the future”. This situation was to change after a time.

The first accepted proposal.

When guys from Technics approached us to build a product for them, my personal respect for the legendary brand made me meet and talk about the possibilities. They needed a mobile stand to promote new turntables. Mobile was supposed to go around various events during the summer, presenting new products to DJs and enthusiasts of vinyl records.

They set us three main conditions:

  • Mobility (due to the number of places to be visited)
  • Ease of assembly (different people will be responsible for it)
  • Stability (to secure the presented equipment)

After careful analysis, we decided to use our Humpter MOVE series to next start remodelling. It is a sturdy and stable mobile DJ table, but equally importantly, easy to install. Due to the need to change locations frequently, all these features were crucial.

The final.

The choice of the MOVE series was determined by one more, equally important aspect – we had too little time to prototype any unproven designs. That is why we based this stand on the reliable MOVE assembly system. Next, we changed the dimensions, the shape of the tabletop, and, of course, its inclination angle. Two additional large shelves help to keep all the marketing materials needed at the stand hidden.

Deep, white varnish goes well with the visible, silver elements of the structure and the logo in the same colour. The whole is assembled without the use of tools in literally a few seconds. Thanks to two strong, padded carrying bags, the transport is easy and comfortable.

Feel free to comment, share and ask about the details.