Probably the best premium mobile DJ Table!

The BASIC series is the most popular DJ table on our offer. We considered the comfort of use and high functionality when we designed them. In addition, we also wanted to allow you to expand each time you change your DJ setup quickly.

It is a unique product that meets all the needs of mobile DJs. After years of experience and feedback from users of this series, we’ve made many improvements and innovations. It is the best mobile DJ table we have ever made!

Mobile DJ Table without screws or tools?

The new assembly system means you can assemble the entire table in three easy steps. We designed a unique hinge system hidden in the table. We managed to combine the highest quality, stability, and aesthetics.

In addition, we’ve made sure not to compromise on safety, the perfect fit of modular accessories and the possibility of further expansion.

Assembling a DJ table has never been so easy!

More extensive tabletop - more space for your DJ equipment

We’ve enlarged the work surface so you can use any DJ setup comfortably. The perfectly refined design makes the table compact and comfortable for everyday use.

Compromises? What’s that?

Like all our PREMIUM products, BASIC mk3 also meets the most stringent standards in its class.

Already at the design and 3D modelling stage, we calculate allowable loads and create special reinforcement zones. The products have many invisible, internal elements which improve their strength and stability. It makes our products very versatile. They are perfect for playing with a controller, CD players or classic sets with turntables, no matter how heavy.

Legendary quality is not just a slogan but hard work and an absolute lack of concessions. Thanks to these principles, our customers have used Humpter® products for years. And when they find they need to refresh them, they can count on our Product Refurbishment service. As a result, they get a virtually new mobile DJ table for years to come!

It’s worth noting that we use only the highest quality components sourced from Poland. We feel that supporting local suppliers is our duty and our pride!

Trust the proven design.

From the very beginning of the design, we focused on modular construction. So you can adapt the DJ table perfectly to your needs and the DJ equipment you use. Low weight, as well as exceptional stability, will provide you with great comfort.

Significant for us is the work surface. It is the only part of the construction made of steel. We spent a lot of work and made hundreds of tests so that it finally met the expectations. Our main goal is to provide maximum stability and eliminate vibration so troublesome as scratching. Properly selected steel, frame reinforcements and an evenly distributed, six-point tabletop support system make it the most stable mobile DJ table.

Many World DJ Champions have tested and praised the stability and quality of our products. Thanks to this, we have become a long-term partner of the IDA World Championship!

You can combine the tables in any number, creating powerful workstations and meeting modern DJs’ most demanding requirements, even on the “big stage”.


  • Aluminum / Steel
  • Colour: Black / White
  • Size (W x H x D): 130 x 93 x 68 cm / 51" x 36,6" x 26,8"
  • Weight: 27 kg / 59,5 lbs
  • Assembly time: less than a minute


  • Material: Steel
  • Dimensions: 130 x 61 cm / 51" x 24"
  • Height: 93 cm / 36,6"
  • Max load: 70 kg / 154 lbs
  • Wiring holes: Yes

Set include:

  • Humpter® BASIC mk3
  • Cup Holder
  • Headphones Holder
  • Side Panels

Extra options:

  • Laptop Stand
  • TV Mount Kit
  • Under-counter shelf
  • Player Stand
  • Side Shelves
  • Padded Bags
  • Personalization (logo print, graphics, unique colour)

All available accessories of the BASIC series - CHECK HERE.

This product is protected by law. Unauthorized reproduction of its structure and unauthorized use of the technologies covered by patent law contained in it are not permitted. Mobile DJ Table Humpter® BASIC mk3 is made according to the industrial design ID 003496009-0001, filed with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (EUIPO) in Alicante.