Humpter® BASIC is our bestseller, but also the most appreciated series of products. High quality, durability and ease of use resulted in a rapidly growing popularity throughout Europe. Because many of you need more space for your equipment, we have created Humpter® BASIC XL. It is certainly a great product for an event, studio, as well as home.


After years of experience, we can say that the high quality and durability of the products are undoubtedly the greatest advantages of the entire series. Each element that makes up the BASIC XL is thought out and refined. The highest precision of craft and dedicated accessories will allow you to expand your stand, even long after its purchase.

In conclusion, we know how important to you is quality, comfort and the certainty that you have reliable DJ equipment.


BASIC XL consists of 7 parts, and its assembly takes only 3 minutes. Equally important, it is done without the use of any tools. Thanks to dedicated, durable covers, transport is not only convenient but also safe. The BASIC series tables can be combined if necessary. The modular design, as well as a large number of accessories, make BASIC XL perfect for all conditions.


When designing, we had one overriding goal – to create a product adapted not only to different needs but also to very different DJ equipment. We put a lot of work into it so that you can create your own perfect DJ stand. With the BASIC series, it’s as easy as stacking blocks.


Undoubtedly, serial products are safe and convenient. What if you want to get them to your liking? It’s easy!
BASIC XL allows a lot. You can choose any colour, put your graphics, logo or even a TV screen on the front. Many users have shown that the BASIC series is also a great base for small changes that will further emphasize the individual character.

To sum up, the mobile DJ table BASIC XL combines minimalism with functionality and the latest technologies with top-class materials. We are sure that you will appreciate it the first time you use it, just like other users.


Aluminum * / Steel
Color: Gray / Black / White
Size 148 x 94 x 71 cm (W x H x D) Weight: 28 kg
Assembly time: 3 minutes

Material: Steel
Dimensions 148 x 61 cm Height: 94 cm
Load: 70 kg


  • Humpter® BASIC XL
  • Side panels (Pair)
  • Drink holder
  • Headphone holder

Additional options:

  • Personalization**
  • BASIC Laptop Stand
  • BASIC XL TV Mount Kit (TV mount – maximum 55 inch)
  • Padded Protective Soft Bags (Reinforced covers)
  • BASIC Side Shelves (Side shelves for monitors or moving heads)

* Specially prepared aluminium alloy, subjected to many technological processes improving its parameters

** Choosing an individual colour or placing predefined graphics on it

This product is protected by law. Unauthorized duplication of its design and the unauthorized use of the technologies protected by patent law contained therein is prohibited. Humpter® BASIC is made according to the industrial design No. 003496009-0001, filed with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (EUIPO) in Alicante.