Humpter Event Team

Before the final product reaches you, we spend a lot of time designing, calculating and testing prototypes. To do it even more efficient and faster, we decided to expand our #TeamHumpter and invited very active and experienced DJs representing the event industry to cooperate with us. Thanks to them, our mobile solutions for DJs will be even better suited to the needs of a constantly changing market.


He has been in the club, event and wedding industry since 2012. He heats dance floors by unconventionally hosting alternative weddings. Over the years, he has proved that wedding parties should not be associated with traditionalistic music on a low level.

Kuba avoids any obscurity often associated with the wedding industry. He surprisingly combines the sense of selecting club music with the musical setting of private parties.

He is characterized by perfectionism – not only when it comes to music. He considers the visual aspect of his stand, which is complemented by Humpter products.


DJ / Compere since 2011, leading wedding receptions for brides and grooms who value quality.

He constantly raises the bar for his colleagues in the industry and sets trends for the coming years. He conducts training and courses for DJs.

He’s obsessed with good music.

She is interested in marketing and personal brand development and is the leader of the “Głośny Wedding Team” DJ and announcer group.


DJ with many years of experience, focusing his power and energy on alternative weddings and events.
For years I have realized personalized weddings and events visiting the most fashionable places in Poland, playing for conscious people who reach further and higher.
My mission is to infect people with selected music, to show that a wedding does not have to be a feast and can be done in style and class.

My offer goes beyond any framework, imagination and what has already been done. I work with the best equipment, and nothing is impossible for me.

YAKU – Avant-garde DJ

Friends refer to him as “the man of the orchestra”. I think he has always been associated with music. He started his party adventure as a teenager. He sang and played the saxophone in a wedding band.

The capital’s pubs and clubs have absorbed him entirely for several years. He still organizes, plays as a DJ and conducts dozens of events, corporate parties, and karaoke. Most, however, she loves weddings and the emotions that accompany these events.

He indeed has not said the last word yet, because he is constantly looking for technical innovations that can change the work in the entire music industry.