Humpter B3 Plus

Looking for the ultimate DJ setup?

We know that a modern DJ, musician or performer needs a lot of space for his tools. That is why we designed the Extension Pack for Humpter B3, a set of side modules for the DJ booth. This gives you even more space for your controllers, players or other DJ equipment.

Depending on the type of gig you are playing, you can either use Humpter B3 alone, or you can easily and quickly expand your work area by adding extensions to your setup.

We’ve used the same unique hinge system of the B3 table embedded inside the frame. We combined the highest quality, stability and aesthetics and didn’t compromise on safety in the process. 

The perfect fit of modular accessories gives the possibility of further expansion.

Try one out and see why the Humpter B3 series is the best in the business!

Mobile DJ Booth – no tools needed to set up.

Our new assembly system allows you to assemble the entire table in just three simple steps quickly. We’ve integrated a unique hinge system hidden within the table to create a seamless and stylish look. Our design team has skillfully combined top-quality materials, ensuring stability and aesthetics are not compromised.

We understand the importance of safety and have ensured that our B3 model meets the highest safety standards. The modular accessories fit perfectly with the table, providing endless possibilities for customization and expansion.

More space for DJ equipment

We have designed our modular system to provide the utmost convenience when using any DJ setup. Our system has a compact and perfectly developed design that ensures everyday use is comfortable and enjoyable.

With our modular system, you can easily use one of the following setups:

  • Any DJ controller + 2 x Laptop
  • 2 x Turntable + Mixer + Laptop
  • 2 x Turntable + 2 x CD Player + 4CH Mixer + Laptop
  • 2 x CD Player + Mixer + Laptop
  • 4 x CD Player + 4CH Mixer

Trust the proven design.

From the inception of our design, our focus has been on modular construction, allowing you to tailor the DJ table to your precise needs and equipment. The table’s lightweight build and exceptional stability ensure maximum comfort.

The work surface is significant to us, being the only part of the construction made of steel. We have invested considerable time and effort, conducting hundreds of tests to ensure it meets the highest standards. Our primary objective is to provide optimal stability and eliminate vibrations, which can be problematic, especially when scratching. Our careful selection of steel, reinforced frame, and six-point tabletop support system ensures it is the most stable mobile DJ table available.

Our product’s exceptional quality has been tried and tested by numerous DJ-ing masters, making us a trusted partner for events like the IDA World DJ Championships or Sample Music Festival. As a result, we’ve also forged enduring relationships with renowned global brands, including Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ, Rane, Technics, Ortofon, Serato, Ableton and Phase DJ.


  • Aluminum / Steel
  • Colour: Black / White
  • Size (W x H x D): 296 x 93 x 87 cm / 116″ x 36,6″ x 34″
  • Weight: 55 kg / 121 lbs
  • Assembly time: 3 minutes


  • Material: Steel
  • Dimensions: 296 x 87 cm / 116″ x 34″
  • Height: 93 cm / 36,6″
  • Max load: 70 kg / 154 lbs
  • Wiring holes: Yes

Set include:

  • Humpter® B3 Plus
  • 2 x Cup Holder
  • 2 x Headphones Holder
  • Side Panels

Extra options:

  • Laptop Stand
  • Middle Stand
  • Tablet Stand
  • TV Mount Kit
  • Under Counter Shelf
  • Player Stand
  • Side Shelves
  • Padded Bags
  • Personalization (logo print, graphics, unique colour)

This product is protected by law. Unauthorized reproduction of its structure and unauthorized use of the technologies covered by patent law contained in it are not permitted. Mobile DJ Table Humpter® B3 is made according to the industrial design ID 003496009-0001, filed with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (EUIPO) in Alicante.