Humpter® MH Stand

Extremely durable, mobile and very easy to mount stands for speakers and moving heads. The MH Stand ensures unprecedented durability – solid base, quick and very strong butterfly locks, double speaker mounting – these are just some of the features that make the MH-Stand suitable for use in a harsh environment. An additional advantage is the modularity of the structure – the MH Stand, after being placed in specially designed bags covers, takes up little space. Fast assembly (1 minute) without any tools make the MH-Stand a unique product in its class.


    • Construction adapted to speakers and moving heads.
    • Height of the stand can be set to 180 and 120 cm.
    • Three color variants : white, grey and black .
    • Offered as a set (2 pieces).
    • Durable transport bags included.
    • The longest transport element is 60 cm.
    • The installation of one MH Stand takes about one minute.
    • The weight of the highest (180 cm) variant is 18 kg.
    • Very solid base (weight: 12 kg) – extendable legs with adjustable height to increase the stability of the structure.
    • The MH Stand include the “Fast Lock” wiring system – the cables are hidden behind the entire structure, and their dismantling is a matter of one hand movement.
    • Dual loudspeaker mounting system – with a belt and a mounting bolt

This product is protected by law. Unauthorized reproduction of its structure and unauthorized use of the technologies protected by patent law contained in it are not permitted. Humpter® MH Stand is made according to industrial design – 005255742-0004, filed with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (EUIPO) in Alicante.