Since always with passion and love to House Music.

He started to rock Wielkopolska's audience since 2000, but in fact he spread his club wings after 2004. Delicate, sensual sounds. Beach rhythms and extremely danceable flow. This is the domain of one of the most recognizable Polish DJs.

In his sunny sets he plays sensual funky, piano and vocal house, often basing on the delicacy of deep tracks. He also delves into harder tech house styles, without going beyond the rigid and danceable confines of his personality.

Piotr is known for his very unique and friendly energy, which emanates from behind the console. Always smiling and cheerful, just like smiling and cheerful is his music. Despite the large number of very premiere sounds, which he serves to clubbers, the way he does it is a guarantee of great fun for everyone on the dance floor, those who are looking for something premiere, but also for those for whom the club sound is something completely new.

For over 14 years, NeeVald has been the host of the most popular house show in the country - Klub Fm. The show started on the legendary Rmi Fm station in Poznan. For several years, the 2-hour show appeared on Wednesday after 22:00 on Planet Poznan. Since 2020, after tying up with the brand Humpter® publishes this program under the name Klub FM - Humpter Session.

For the period of Planeta's activity in Poznan, he was the head of music and the creator of the sound of the club fm in Poznan and Wielkopolska.

Nowadays radio group RMF noticed his artistry as a club DJ and invited him to cooperation in RMF MAXXX. Piotr for 2 hours every day plays premieres, news, looks at the classics and perfectly planning the whole week makes an amazing atmosphere in his evening band in Club Fm.

He often appears in live sets on air, and regularly invites excellent, recognized Polish and foreign DJs to his broadcasts, not forgetting the Polish fry of house clubbing in our country.

Nearly 350 weeks ago, neeVald broke through a unique barrier. He became the first Pole to become Ibiza's radio resident.

Every Sunday after 11am on Ibiza's best fm radio station - Ibiza Global Radio, neeVald presents Sexy Sunday. Hour long mixes of relaxing chill house, deep and nu disco. The popularity of this music and radio show in Poland has resulted in unique parties, soaked in an incredibly sensual sound, and exceptional people on the dance floor.

The year 2012 was very special for neeVald. After having made his debut in 2010 in the clubs of Ibiza: Pacha, Km5, Bora Bora, La Plage, Bubbles and live on Ibiza Global radio. He repeated his success in 2011, the year he was elected international resident of the club Bora Bora and since the season represents the brand of this best Ibiza dance beach bar. During the summer he also debuted on the main stage of Amnesia club playing in prime time solidifying his DJ brand on the world's most party island. 

So far neeVald has played at all the biggest and most important events with club music in Poland. He has appeared in most of the exceptional club venues in our country.

All the time he develops his DJ artistry, basing more and more on his own productions and diversifying his playing with technical novelties.

Since the end of 2013, he became a resident of club cycles in the best clubs in Poznan, as well as throughout Poland, including "Backroom" in Poznan SQ. In February 2014 in the poll for the best DJ and producer he took 5th place and won the MUNOLUDY poll! 2014 is also a lot of remixes and productions by Piotr. A unique collaboration with the duo Groovefore and original projects that strengthen neeVald's position and role on the European market as a DJ and producer.

With the motto of Groove, Sexy House Music from neeVald, expect an exceptionally well-chosen club selection in the speakers and an incredibly danceable, sensual club party.