TriPod BL

Humpter® TriPod BL - stand for retro lamps

A stage, a club, or a wedding hall are the perfect places for retro lamps. They not only provide an atmospheric, warm light source, but most of all, they decorate each of these spaces.
This is the phenomenon of these lamps. Combining two functions - practical and decorative, they accompany us during all kinds of special events or artistic events.

In response to many inquiries, we created the Humpter TriPod BL. It is a tripod stand for lamps and decorative stage lighting, which assembling takes place without any tools. It has a smooth height adjustment of 1 - 1.7 m.

Thanks to movable legs, it will be stable and safe on any surface. The lamp is attached using a universal screw with a wing nut. The strength of the Humpter TriPod BL is its mobility and express assembly, but most importantly, it takes up very little space in transport.

You can use it with any studio lamp that has a standard mount. If you are looking for a tripod that will not If you are looking for a tripod that will not let you down in any situation and ensure your lamp's safety, the Humpter TriPod BL is the product just for you!


  • Material: Steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Height: 1 - 1,7 m
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Load: 30 kg
  • Fastening: Thumb screw M8